Writing falters? Reading lags?

The Centre for assistive tools/technology in Kaisaniemi, central Helsinki, is operated by the the Finnish Diverse Learners’ Association.


We have collected a hefty selection of assistive tools, simpler and technically more sophisticated, for the use of a diverse learner. You can book a time for a try-out with the tools, guided by an expert. The Centre also gives regular events for information and guidance, you can also book a course.

These tools are a vital but not-so-well-known medium of support for many diverse learners.

There are many kinds of tools:

  • for a slow reader and writer
  • ”moving” lines
  • difficulties in producing text
  • spelling mistakes
  • problems in maths and foreign languages
  • difficulties in concentration

Services are meant for:

  • diverse learners
  • parents or others close to the learners
  • professionals faced with the phenomenon


Susanna Maijanen
050 440 3312

Jukka Liimatainen
050 443 0901

Annele Wiman
050 448 4827


Oppimisen apuvälinekeskus, Erilaisten oppijoiden liitto ry
Vuorikatu 16 A 1
00100 Helsinki